Sterling Farm

Home of the stallion

Welcome to Sterling Farm WV LLC

  • Something exciting is happening here
  • Welcome to our safe and quiet farm, the place where our dreams begin
  • From the beginning we have set our standards high
  • Our goals and dreams higher. Our expectations of success are racing to win with breathtaking style and speed
  • Take a tour of our website to see our stars that are shining and the ones we are creating for the future

Gandhi Stands in West Virginia!

$10,000 Breeder Bonus to 1st Stakes winner
(Foals of 2020 only with Contract signed by March 30th.)

  • 2019 FEE: $2,500 LFSN
  • *The Gandhi Guarantee: Pay from Auction proceeds option.
  • *Special consideration to approved mares.
  • *BREED back incentives and rebates available.
  • *Complimentary True Nicks report available at

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